It is not right to see the Internet as a platform that can only be watched or played. You have the chance to earn money from the Internet even by doing your daily work. You can pay your monthly invoices and even a serious accumulation with the income you earn according to the labor and strategies you have implemented.

Let’s take a look at the lists of how you can start making money on the Internet.

Creating Website

You can earn money on the Internet by creating a website in the medium and long term. So if you don’t have any idea how to make money from the websites you create, let us give you some information about the income models.

Internet sites provide hot revenue by advertising, promotion and link sales. In fact, when websites reach a certain level of popularity, they can be sold as a whole and offer very serious revenues.

You can start creating a website with WordPress. WordPress is one of the easiest open source software to install and use. It also has free archive to improve its design and provide functionality to the site.

You can use Google Adsense to start running ads on the websites you create. You can browse through the webmaster forums or the SEO groups via Facebook for introductory text and link sales.

Writing Article

One of the ways you can make money on the internet in the fastest way is to create content. You can generate income at minimum 1.5 TL for every 100 words you write. Assuming you write 800 words for every 1 hour if you hit the average, you can earn around 12 TL. In foreign language writing, more income is obtained.

You do not need to make any investment or think too much to start this business. You can write an article on the order or create an article archive for your own interests and information. You can create ads through webmaster forums or similar sales channels and wait for your articles to be sold.

Providing Comment Service

Customer considerations are very important for corporate firms. Thanks to the opinions of others, different customers can decide to work with that company, and most companies are aware of this. For this reason, the owners of the company want to see the good-faith and positive comments about their services on their website. You can make artificial comments by offering comments.

Uploading Videos to YouTube

Video broadcasting has become very important in our country. You can generate revenue through ads by creating channels on YouTube. Creating original and interesting content will increase your income level.

Newly opened YouTube channels can’t start making money right away. First of all, it has to reach a certain level of subscriber number and impression. Then you can apply for advertising.


If you have a camera and you are interested in a small photo shoot, you can earn income from stock photo sites. It’s not a short-term earnings model, so it’s important to do research and present the right photos. Do you sell an object photo or a nature photo, you should answer these questions and take steps.

Sites like iStockPhoto, Shutterstock and 123rf are the most popular and are among the stock sites where your sales rate may be the highest.

Selling Social Media Services

By doing SMM Panel dealership, you can gain profit by selling followers, comments, tastes and impressions via internet. The competition is quite high, but with a little advertising budget, you can earn 2-3 times more of the amount you spend.

Using Link Abbreviation Services

If you have a Facebook page or are frequently sharing forums, you can convert the links you share through link-reduction services. The more people you click on the link you share, the more revenue you can earn.

E-Ticaret Yaparak

You don’t have to have any savings to step into E-Commerce. Thanks to the E-Commerce method without stoksuz you can obtain sales without investing in any way. You can sell products to people around you directly on social media.

There are services that offer products for non-stock E-Commerce and that are supplied to the customer on your behalf. It sells the product, receives the payment and you can buy and ship the product on behalf of the customer through the panel you are using. Your profit margin is completely up to you.

Sell E-Books

If you have a very important level of knowledge on a subject, you can create an e-book in pdf format and sell it on the internet. The e-book you create can be sold through services such as Google Play or you can sell it by creating a blog.

Training Videos

You can also offer a visual training kit instead of a written training pill in the same way you have experience. You can sell your training sets on platforms like Udemy.

Buy and Sell Domain Name

It is one of the methods in which you can earn long-term earnings and earn serious numbers. We can call investment rather than making money. You can buy small amounts of domain names that you think are valuable and can be purchased. Then you can put the domain name on sale.

Bitcoin and Altcoin

In crypto coins, values can be increased up to 20% daily. Both trading commissions are quite low, and even if you trade continuously, the amounts you can pay can be ignored.

Kupon Sales

You can sell discount coupons you earn through a lottery or a different environment on the internet very quickly.

Digital Advertising

You can give consulting service as having an experience in the field of Internet ads. You can get an accumulation of knowledge in a short period of time by watching educational videos and browsing blog posts.

You can start generating revenue by publishing Google and Social Media ads for companies.

Make Sales

You can make e-books sales created by yourself, or you can make money online by making sales of digital content or cosmetic products such as E-Books created by a different person.